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LanguageTran- Serving individuals, corporations and organizations worldwide

LanguageTran is language translation agency owned by Total Documentation Service, Inc. Founded in 2001 by professional translators with more than two decades of accumulated translation experience our language translation company has served thousands translation clients, from individuals, companies, and institutions to governments worldwide.

Our team has worked with translation projects that demand complex legal terminology, high quality newsprint, large translation teams, accurate technical specifications, corporate annual reports, advertisements, engineering drawings, scientific papers, and many other types of written communications.

Why our Translation Agency is Your Best Choice

The foreign language translation industry has a plethora of translation companies . We offer a unique combination of high quality and competitively priced services with excellent customer service. The result is high customer satisfaction. Language Translation Service is your best language translation agency choice because we provide:

  • High quality services at affordable prices
  • Responsiveness and quick deliveries
  • Personalized service
  • Comprehensive translation, formatting and graphic art services

A Customer-Driven Company

As a customer-driven language translation agency we know that you expect the best and we strive to exceed your expectations. Our services are tailored to address your needs and provide you with the best language translation solutions. You expect to work with responsive and competent vendors, and we stand to the challenge by addressing your needs and concerns promptly.

Money Back Guarantee

We strive to produce superior work which meets your highest standards. If you are unhappy with the quality of our work, we guarantee to solve the problem to your satisfaction within a reasonable time-frame. If we fail to address your objections, we will waive our translation fee if such objections arise from translation, spelling and grammar mistakes. This guarantee is not applicable to stylistic objections.

World-Class Staff

World-class professional language translation agencies depend on teams of highly qualified translators, editors, and project managers. We are no different since our team members are amongst the best in the industry and are selected based on their experience, language proficiency, and professional credentials. Many of our translators have degrees in translation and/or degrees in fields such as law and medicine.

Quality is No. 1

Quality is a major benchmark in our foreign language translation agency which we achieve through careful, competent work, as well and proven, time-tested quality control procedures. We follow proven procedures and clearly defined quality parameters with each project. Style handbooks and terminology glossaries are developed for large projects to ensure stylistic and terminology consistency. In some cases, we use state-of-the-art software for terminology management and workflow, which positively impacts quality. After delivering the finished product, we monitor our customers’ satisfaction and implement changes to improve the process.

Price/Quality Balance (Value)

Our goal is to provide fair and reasonable prices to meet a wide range of budgets. As a professional foreign language translation agency LanguageTran can reduce costs for our customers by using a variety of techniques and high tech tools, such as translation memory software. In some cases, the level of quality can impact the price of our service. Because of this, our language translation company offers our customers several quality options. For more information about quality options, go to Quality Options.


We are happy to provide confidentiality agreements for our clients upon request. Our language translation agency translates highly sensitive documents for a variety of clients . We take confidentiality seriously and work to ensure the contents of all documents are kept in strict confidence. All of our translators, editors, and project managers must sign blanket confidentiality agreements.

Language Translation is a translation company offering a wide variety of translation services, including legal translations, technical translations and certified translations. If you need onsite service or electronic service anywhere, call us toll free at 1-888-253-9580 and we will assist you. Our home office is located in Austin, Texas, with resources to serve companies throughout the United States and other countries, including New York, New York.; Los Angeles, California; Chicago, Illinois; Houston, Texas; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Phoenix, Arizona; San Antonio Texas; San Jose, California; Detroit, Michigan; Indianapolis, Indiana and Detroit, Michigan, among many others.

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