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In today’s vibrant global economy companies are constantly looking to expand beyond their traditional home markets. To do so, they must not only translate their internal documentation, marketing materials and product manuals into other languages, but they also need to ensure that they achieve it in way that offers value, quality assurance and in a timely manner. Many times it must be done into several languages simultaneously. To do this, companies rely on expert language translation companies that have become a strategic resource in the global market.

Keys for Successful Language Translations

Localized Texts

LanguageTran offers language translation services that speak clearly to the target markets by making sure that the content appears as if was produced locally. To do this, we work with native speakers that possess thorough knowledge of the source language and can clearly "localize" the text for the target audience, with a language and style they can identify with.

Excellence in Language Translation

Our ample experience and quality assurance procedures have been instrumental in the successful completion of large and small translation projects alike. These projects can be  demanding, often requiring extensive linguistic, management, computing and human resources. Other projects, on the other hand, can be a simple one page document to be certified for government paperwork purposes.

Client Based Approach

Our Company strives to build long-term business relationships with our clients. It is important that we understand your needs and expectations and make sure that we adapt to you, instead of the other way around. Although there will always be commonalities in the way we deal with projects, every client’s is different and this requires that we have the flexibility to complete the language translation project successfully.

Proper Implementation Strategy

LanguageTran helps you to implement language translation strategies that are effective and bring value to your company. Thinking about translations as the last thing you need to worry after creating the content and publishing it. It should be part of the overall content creation process. Integrating content creation with translation early in the process can save time, money and headaches. These strategies could include things as writing text in such a way that it can be reused in several instances (reusable text). Other examples would be planning for file types that enable the use of the same text across programs and platforms, such as XML files.

The Right Resources

No language translation project will be successful without the skill and experience of a professional translator. Finding the right translator for the job is often one of the biggest challenges for anyone attempting to translate documents. Good translators are often specialized in one language direction and are specialists in limited areas such as medical, legal, or electrical engineering. Our company thoroughly tests all qualified translators.

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